"The Art Hive movement out of the University of Concordia has spread to 100 places around the world. Open and free community art studios make the means of creative production available to low-income people. It is a tremendous social innovation that is now taking up the technological aspect and building in maker spaces and other related activities.

There’s a rich innovation zone that can be funded through experimentation and funds that allow the growth of the most promising innovations. I want to add that perspective to the ecosystem conversation."

Pictured are Janis Timm-Bottos, Art Hives founder and associate professor of creative arts therapies, and Stephanie Rossy, vice-chair of the Rossy Family Foundation.

Canadian First: Concordia opens campus art hive and International Network Headquarters

Concordia celebrated the launch of its first-ever campus art hive on June 11, 2018. The art hive will also serve as the International Art Hives Network Headquarters. Pictured are Janis Timm-Bottos, Art Hives founder and associate professor of creative arts therapies, and Stephanie Rossy, vice-chair of the Rossy Family Foundation.

Canadian First: Concordia opens campus art hive and International Network Headquarters

Dans: Montreal; Rossy Family Foundation; Concordia University; Fine Arts; Art Hive; Art Hives HQ; Ruches d'Art; Art Hives Network; campus; mental health; wellbeing

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville /Saint Louis Art Hives Initiative Inspires Artistic Expression

Everyone is an artist and all are welcomed with radical hospitality in Art Hives. Now, the community art studios are popping up in the St. Louis metropolitan area thanks to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and community partners.

“With SIUE/STL Art Hives, we are empowering people to come up with their own way of expressing themselves by providing materials and tying art therapy into a community model,” said SIUE art therapy counseling graduate student Theresa Hitchcock.

Dans: art hives; illinois; edwardsville; saint louis; SIUE; University; community art;

Concordia University Art Hives @ The Expressive Therapies Summit 2018, Los Angeles, California

The Art Hives Network and the Emergence of Public Practice Arts Therapy

Saturday April 28, 4:40 pm  -  5:40 pm

Janis Timm-Bottos, PhD, ATR-BC
Paige Asawa, PhD, MFT, ATR-BC, Discussant

Dans: expressive therapies; creative arts therapies; art therapy; public practice art therapy; art hives; concordia university; creative reuse; cuccr

The Concordia University Creative Reuse Centre featured in Journal 24h: Huit tonnes de déchets revalorisés en projets artistiques à l'université Concordia

Huit tonnes de déchets revalorisés en projets artistiques à l'université Concordia
Nadia Lemieux
Mercredi, 4 avril 2018

Depuis sa création il y a un an, un organisme de l’université Concordia a détourné plus de huit tonnes de matières destinées à être jetées pour les mettre au service de l’art.


Building a community through accessible art: Coop Le Milieu and Art Hives featured in The Concordian

Building a community through accessible art

The Concordian

Maggie Hope January 23, 2018

Le Milieu, a co-op art studio and vegan café, is a major part of the Montreal Art Hives network.

Read full article here


New article in the Canadian Art Therapy Association's Journal by Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos


Public Practice Art Therapy: Enabling Spaces Across North America (La pratique publique de l’art-thérapie : des espaces habilitants partout en Amérique du Nord)

Janis Timm-Bottos, PhD, ATR-BC

Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada



La Presse+ : Guérir au Musée

La Presse+, par Sylvie St-Jacques

4 janvier 2018




Art Hives from Coast-to-Coast: Weaving a Collective Narrative / Les Ruches d'Art d'un Océan à l'Autre Tisser un Récit Collectif : Episode 3- Ruche d'Art DBM Art Hive (Côte-Saint-Luc, QC)


(En français à la suite)

Episode 3- DMB Art Hive at the Maimonides Geriatric Centre (Côte-Saint-Luc, QC)
A new video episode will be released each week.

''Art Hives from Coast-to-Coast: Weaving a Collective Narrative'' is an academic research project conducted by Rachel Chainey, MA Candidate in Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University.

Dans: art hives; ruches d'art; narrative; research; storytelling; community art studio; Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre; DBM Art Hive; Côte-Saint-Luc;

Art Hives from Coast-to-Coast: Weaving a Collective Narrative / Les Ruches d'Art d'un Océan à l'Autre Tisser un Récit Collectif : Episode 2- NEXTDOOR Art Hive (Belleville, ON)

(En français à la suite)

Episode 2- NEXTDOOR Art Hive (Belleville, ON)
A new video episode will be released each week.

''Art Hives from Coast-to-Coast: Weaving a Collective Narrative'' is an academic research project conducted by Rachel Chainey, MA Candidate in Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University.

Dans: art hives; ruches d'art; narrative; research; storytelling; community art studio; nextdoor; belleville; ontario

Les Ruches d'Art dans le magazine Vie des Arts, automne 2017

Art-Thérapie, l'art qui ''fait du bien''. Dossier spécial du magazine Vie des Arts incluant des entrevues avec les Art Thérapeutes Maria Riccardi (Ruche d'Art de l'AATQ), Stephen Legari (Ruche d'Art du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal) et Pierre Plante, ainsi qu'un encadré sur les Ruches d'Art.

Vie des Arts no. 248, pp.30-35


Art Hives from Coast-to-Coast: Weaving a Collective Narrative / Les Ruches d'Art d'un Océan à l'Autre Tisser un Récit Collectif : Episode 1- La Ruche d'Art de l'AATQ

(En français à la suite)

Episode 1- La Ruche d'Art de l'AATQ (Association des art-thérapeutes du Québec /Quebec's Art Therapists Association)
A new video episode will be released each week.

''Art Hives from Coast-to-Coast: Weaving a Collective Narrative'' is an academic research project conducted by Rachel Chainey, MA Candidate in Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University.

Dans: art hives; ruches d'art; research; video; narrative;

Canadian Art Magazine - Winter 2018: Concordia University's Art Hive Initiative and Professor Janis Timm-Bottos (p.127 & 131)

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Janis Timm-Bottos co-created a studio space for the community with artists who were homeless. ''I have been involved over the years with developing different models for creating small and sustained spaces and communities so that people can come together across sometimes pretty big divides and have a safe space to have conversation and make art together.'' Later, working at Concordia University, she made a similar space with her students, which they eventually developed into a global network.


Incorporating Art In The Science Curriculum

Incorporating Art In The Science Curriculum

August 24, 2017 - Imaginative Education (IE): Activities & Insights, Wonder-Full Links & Resources

By Jailson Lima (Chemistry Department, Vanier College, Montreal, QC)



VIDEO: The LivingRoom Community Art Studio - This is What an Artist Looks Like

Catch up with Mary Krohnert and the LivingRoom community talking about why the LivingRoom (an Art Hive in Oshawa, ON) is an important part of their lives.

Music: "On My Way" Kevin MacLeod (


Dans: Art Hives LivingRoom Community Art Studio Oshawa Ontario

The Overcast: Art Hives All The Buzz In St. John’s (NL) This Summer


The St. John’s chapter of Art Hives will be hosting a series of free, community-based art pop-ups throughout the summer. The organization recently hosted their first pop-up at Rocket Bakery.

On a sweltering Monday afternoon, just after school wrapped up for the summer, Cathia Finkel spread supplies for a simple printmaking project out on a large table in the back of Rocket Bakery. An Art Hives banner was strung above the table and people trickled in, filling the seats around the table.

Dans: Art Hives Newfoundland St. John's

National Observer: "A buzz about Montreal's awesome art hives"

By Clothilde Goujard in News, Culture | June 12th 2017

At a small cooperative in the underprivileged neighbourhood of Centre-Sud in Montreal, you can pick up a pencil, a paintbrush or knitting needles and let your imagination run free. 

On this Thursday afternoon, two people from the local community are sitting at a wide table painting and sharing ideas. A man resting in an armchair watches. Others drop by to provide material or just to hang out in the vibrant, creative environment.

Dans: mmfa; mbam; le milieu; Montreal; Ruches d'Art; Art Hives

RÉCONCILIATION: national call for art / appel national d'oeuvres d'art

CALL FOR ART:  ''RECONCILIATION'' - What does it mean to you?

A traveling community art exhibition

Dans: reconciliation; community art; traveling exhibition

Le Plateau -Pamplemousse, Journal Local: Créer à la bibliothèque

Par Daphné Angiolini

Depuis mars dernier, les habitants du Mile-End peuvent se targuer d’accueillir sur leur territoire la première ruche d’art permanente en bibliothèque au monde. Et semble-t-il qu’ils en profitent!

Dans: Ruches d'Art Art Hives Bibliothèque Library Mile-End Plateau Mordecai-Richler

Journal Métro: Next City Vanguard 2017: À la recherche de projets urbains inspirants

2 juin 2017

Par Andréanne Chevalier TC Media


Quel sera le prochain projet qui permettra à Montréal d’inspirer les communautés d’ici et d’ailleurs? La réponse pourrait bien se trouver aujourd’hui au terme du Big Idea Challenge organisé dans le cadre de l’événement Next City Vanguard 2017.

Depuis mercredi, une quarantaine de jeunes de moins de 40 ans, qui ont été choisis pour participer à cet événement, effectuent des visites chez des organismes communautaires, dans des quartiers ou des lieux spécifiques, tels le marché Jean-Talon ou la Maison Notman.

Dans: Ruches d'Art Art Hives Montréal Concordia Next City Vanguard Urban Futures

Art Hives in the Montreal Gazette: Art Hive reaches new depths as it takes over MMFA's basement

Art Hive reaches new depths as it takes over MMFA's basement

Published on: May 6, 2017 

Art Hives, a worldwide network of community spaces dedicated to art creation, now has a spot in the basement of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. "When given the right environment, people have a way of blossoming in the most amazing ways," says Janis Timm-Bottos, associate professor in creative arts therapies at Concordia University and a founder of the movement.


Art Hives on CTV News Montreal: Here's the buzz about the new "Art Hive" at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Here's the buzz about the new "Art Hive" at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

CTV Montreal 
Published Saturday, May 6, 2017 7:15PM EDT 

It’s a place where your inner artist is welcomed— a community studio that harnesses and promotes inclusion, respect, and learning.

It’s called an art hive, and there are hundreds of them throughout Canada and across the globe. There’s no formal instruction, no admission fee, and no requirements to participate. It’s a community studio that provides people the opportunity to explore myriad creative outlets at their own leisure.


What is an Art Hive? A podcast with Dr. Leah Lewis

Dr. Leah Lewis is an assistant professor at Memorial University, counseling psychologist, creative arts therapist and project lead of the Open Art Studio or Art Hive in St.John's, NL.

Art Hives are forms of community based practice, grounded is social justice and art therapy frameworks. Also known as open studios, art hives create publicly accessible spaces for people to gather, exchange, and make art.


The Art Hives Summer Institute 2017, in Somerville, MA - July 20-23


Are you thinking about starting an art hive in your community? 
Are you working in an existing art hive and would like to improve its functioning or expand its activities? Are you looking to connect with people who share your dream? This training is just for you!


First Art Hive in a museum at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts / Première Ruche d'Art dans un musée au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal


(En français à la suite)

THE MUSEUM ART HIVE IS NOW OPEN! Every Sunday from 1 to 4 pm and every Wednesday from 3pm to 8 pm.


The Montreal Art Hives Meet-Up / Le Rendez-Vous des Ruches d'Art de Montréal

Dans le cadre de la Semaine des Thérapies par les Arts organisée par l'Association des art-thérapeutes du Québec, le Réseau des Ruches d'Art a organisé un événement de réseautage pour les praticien(nes) et autres personnes et organisations intéressées à découvrir ou intégrer ce modèle d'inclusion sociale par les arts.


On CBC Newfoundland and Labrador: 'Art hive' project fosters sense of belonging for immigrant, refugee teens

Open art studio helps create community for Holy Heart ESL students

Read full article here:

When people immigrate or seek refuge in a new country, the adjustment can be overwhelming.


Le Devoir, Montréal, 25 mars 2017: Des ateliers scientifiques pour rapprocher les gens

Le Devoir, Montréal, 25 mars 2017

Par: Martine Letarte

Des ateliers scientifiques pour rapprocher les gens


A Pop-Up Art Hive to Stand in Solidarity with the Muslim Community at Concordia University

When a threat directed at Muslim students forced evacuations at Concordia buildings last week, Campus Wellness and Support Services responded quickly to set up support for our community. But given the gravity of the incident, Gaya Arasaratnam, director of Campus Wellness and Support Services knew that something more than a traditional mental health approach was required.


Take a course about Art Hives at Concordia University!

Community Art Studio: Methods and Materials CATS631GD / ARTE398

Instructor: Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos

Course dates: June 7th-July 5th, 2017, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:00-5:00


The Art Hives' Science Shop is back for winter 2017! / L'Atelier de Science des Ruches d'Art est de retour pour l'hiver 2017

UrbanBodies series at the ART HIVES' SCIENCE SHOP:
an exploration of what matters in our everyday lives and neighbourhoods. This series of public art making conversational labs will explore the theme of the body as it lives and dies, grows and ages, struggles and thrives in the urban environment.

All conversations are free and open to all. 


Thursday, February 9th, 6-9pm


New article by Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos in Art Therapy - Journal of the American Art Therapy Association

Beyond a counseling or psychotherapy practice, the future of art therapy demands a new type of creativity, solidarity, and social inclusion. This viewpoint explores the art therapy profession and the role of educational practices to envision change in uncertain times. Art therapists have the ability to offer expertise in the serious dilemmas facing humanity. In order to do so, art therapists need to learn to tolerate the messy margins of participatory experimentation, expanding conventional ways of practicing art therapy. 


La Ruche d'Art du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal dans le Journal "Le Bel Âge" / The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' Art Hive in "Le Bel Âge" newspaper

Coming to the museum is good for body, mind and soul, says enthusiastically Thomas Bastien, Director of Education and Cultural Action at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The new Michel de la Chenelière International studio for Art Therapy and Art Education, the largest educational complex in a museum in North America, intends to prove this. Starting in January, it will house the Art Hive, a free space open to all for non-directed or semi-directed art making.


The Temple Art Hive featured in Jewish Life Magazine

Jewish Life 33 Temple Art Hive encourages creativity, inclusiveness


Arts Scene

by Heather Solomon

Rachel Desjourdy grew up in an art-mak- ing home and she required hearing aids at the age of three.

These disparate facts opened two av- enues of her life: co-ordinating the Art Hive/Kaveret Omanut at Temple Emanu- El-Beth Sholom and shaping it into an in- clusion initiative that brings together both abled and disabled participants.


Art Hive Peterborough Summit

The afternoon of December 5th was one full of palpable creativity, connection and potential during the Art Hive Peterborough Summit at Seeds of Change Peterborough. The event, co-hosted by Peterborough Dialogues and Deb Reynolds, seeded a network of community members committed to a shared vision of an inclusive space where the arts are embraced as a form of healing, learning and skill sharing.


New article in The Concordian about the Art Hives Science Shop

Discussing death in a positive way

Posted by: Dominick Lucyk in Life November 8, 2016 

University of the Streets Café hosts a discussion on embracing death

Attendees and speakers discussed embracing and accepting death through rituals at the University of the Streets Café event held on Nov. 4.


Montreal Art Hives collaborate with the Fraser Hickson Library to make culture more accessible

Stay tuned for MINIBIBLIOS popping up throughout our Montreal locations!



Art Bridges write about their site visits in the Montreal Art Hives

Last June, Seanna Connell and Catherine Lamaison of Art Bridges, a national community arts organization based in Toronto, ON, visited 3 Montreal Art Hives (La Place Commune, La Ruche d'Art St-Henri and Coop Le Milieu), as part of their tour of Montreal's community arts scene. 

Read more about their visits with us here:

Day 1:


Art Hives 101: a full-day introductory workshop

On Monday, October 17, 2016 the LivingRoom Community Art Studio, an Art Hive in Oshawa, ON hosted Art Hives 101, a full-day workshop covering the founding principles and methods as well as the practical aspects (models and legal structures, financial, social and environmental sustainability) of starting an art hive in one's community or organization, offered by the Art Hives Network. This workshop is designed for people of all backgrounds interested in starting an Art Hive in their community and was facilitated by Rachel Chainey, Art Hives Network National Coordinator. 


Neighbourhood Art Hives: Sites of Inclusion and Well-Being, a workshop by Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos

Memorial University in St.John's, Newfoundland, welcomes Dr. Timm-Bottos on Saturday October 22nd, 2016 for a one-day experiential workshop, introducing the methods practiced in a community art studio, aka Art Hive, developed over a 22-year sustained research practice by Professor Timm-Bottos. She will present how the engagement in ongoing community creative arts can have a positive impact on the physical, mental and social wellbeing of participants, support the inclusion of marginalized populations and be a vehicle for dialogue and social innovation. 


Art Hives Science Shop Presents...Full Circle: Towards an Aboriginal Model of Art Therapy

On October 20th, Inuk Art Therapist and Founder of the FreeArts4All Art Hive in Cape Breton, NS, Jennifer Vivian, MA presented her research on an aboriginal model of art therapy, first published as her MA thesis in 2013 and then expanded through her practice as an art therapist within aboriginal communities as well as learning from her elders and other community members. 


Article in The Concordian about the Art Hives Science Shop

“Treating” it right: a conversation about water

Posted by: Joshua De Costa 

The first lab in the University of the Streets’ conversation series took place on Sept. 3


Art Hives Summer Institute / Institut d'Été des Ruches d'Art 2016, Montréal, QC

(En français à la suite)


Are you thinking about starting an art hive in your community? 
Are you working in an existing art hive and would like to improve its functioning or expand its activities? Are you looking to connect with people who share your dream? This training is just for you!


VERNISSAGE : Earth Speaks / Parlons Terre

EARTH SPEAKS, an exhibition organized by Art Hive's Science Shop, featuring artwork created by Vanier College science students as well as citizens interested in exploring the limitless intersections between arts and sciences.



PARLONS TERRE, une exposition organisée par l'Atelier de Science de la Ruche d'Art, mettant en vedette es oeuvres créées par les étudiants en sciences du CÉGEP Vanier ainsi que des citoyen.nes intéressé.es à explorer les intersections infinies entre les arts et les sciences.


St. Raymond Cityscape Garden Edge: A Community Art Project by the Cheap Art Collective

By Yvette Salinas, of the NDG Art Hive and St-Raymond's Cheap Art Collective When an Animator with the After School program at the St. Raymond Community Center let me know the kids were asking to do another Art Project (they had helped with the Haunted Melrose Tunnel and Kay Noele’s Quilted Quartier project), Jody Negley’s St. Henri project instantly came to mind. Besides celebrating the beauty of the city, there was something about it that had plenty of potential as a group art project.


Arts Health Network Canada's Spotlight on Janis Timm-Bottos

Arts Health Network Canada's Snapshot article series features Q&As with key pioneers, innovators and emerging practitioners across the multidisciplinary and multi-dimensional arts and health field in Canada, who are part of the Arts Health Network Canada community. They have interviewed Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos, Founder and Director of the Art Hives intiative.

Read full article here:


Art Hives and other cracks in the wall

On Saturday, April 9th, 2016, Dr. Janis-Timm-Bottos, Art Hives founder and director, was a guest presenter at the Art Therapy Spring Symposium 2016 of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Cartographie participative

Par Sofiane Djemaï, Stagiaire en Développement Durable au sein du Réseaux des Ruches d’Art.  


Now available: Report on the 1st Nova Scotia Art Hives Symposium

From October 28th-30th a hundred community members and inter-sector organizations gathered at Mount Saint Vincent University and the Halifax Central Library to explore what is happening in community engaged arts in Nova Scotia, how we can connect to the international Art Hives movement, and what are the opportunities to use Art Hives in Nova Scotia to sustain and grow our communities and economy.

Read it here:


The Art Hives How-to-Guide / Le Guide Pratique des Ruches d'Art

The Art Hives How-to-Guide is now available as a FREE downloadable PDF, in English and French!

Support the Art Hives Network by ordering your hard copy for 20$ CAD + shipping, contact:



Molecules, Mutations, and Space for Making at the Science Shop - La Ruche d'Art

The Science Shop is Art Hives Network’s new initiative in collaboration with Vanier College and Concordia’s office of the VP, graduate and research department. The aim of these public science events is engage the community in public conversations about the intersection between science and creativity. Taking place in the community art studio La Ruche d’Art, a life sized cabinet of curiosities packed with art supplies, a multitude of art made by community members and a whole host of odds and ends, one may think it an odd place to be discussing molecules and mutations, among others.

Dans: Science Shop, Art Hive, initiative, Collaboration, Vanier College, Concordia, Art, Creativity, inclusion, science

Art Hives Symposium 2015, Halifax

Two and a half days of learning, connecting, and action planning about how we can use community arts engagement as a tool for community and economic development in Nova Scotia.

More info at



Science at the Art Hive! Science à la Ruche d'Art!

A great article on about the Art Hives' Science Shop!
Next Science Shop: Wednesday October 14th, 6-8pm, at La Ruche d'Art St-Henri

Un superbe article sur à propos des Ateliers de Science des Ruches d'Art!
Prochain atelier de science: mercredi le 14 octobre de 18h à 20h, à la Ruche d'Art St-Henri…/10/07/science-for-the-masses.html

Circle of Belonging

Facilitating an Art Hive: The Courage to Belong

by Hailey Tallman

This art therapy research paper is about the universal human need to belong, and my autoethnographic attempts to answer how we can find and foster belonging in Art Hives and our communities.


The Making of Signs for La Ruche d’Art Pointe-St-Charles

The Making of Signs for La Ruche d’Art Pointe-St-Charles

By Jessica Gardner


Art Hives buzzing in Halifax!

Art Hives Conversation/Workshop - April 22nd 2015


Quilted/Quartiers popping up in Art Hives across Montréal!

Quilted/Quartier is a project of community quilt-maps that artist Kay Noele working on in Art Hives around Montréal. 

It started as a project with neighbours in St-Henri last summer, at La Ruche D'art St-Henri. Pieces of a paper map were replaced with fabric patches over the course of the summer months, and by the time autumn rolled in, Kay collected the pieces and sewed them together. A magical tapestry of neighbourhood, stories, and artistic exploration had formed on the wall. 


Notre Ruche d'Art Éphémère en images | Our Pop-up Art Hive in images|

Notre Ruche d'Art Éphémère en images, pour la Journée des Thérapies par les Arts organisée par l'AATQ à l'Université Concordia, samedi le 14 mars 2015. 

Vous aimeriez une Ruche d'Art Éphémère pour votre événement? Contactez-nous!


Our Pop-up Art Hive in images, for AATQ's Creative Art Therapies Day at Concordia University, Saturday March 14, 2015.

Would you like a Pop-Up Art Hive for your event? Please contact us!


Une conversation publique très inspirante | A very inspiring public conversation

À la Ruche d'Art, lundi dernier, en compagnie d'une soixantaine d'autre personnes de tous horizons, j'ai participé à une conversation publique, organisée par L'Université autrement: dans les Cafés, portant sur les Ruches d'Art et les makerspaces et leur rôle dans l'innovation sociale. 

J'ai récolté en vrac des fragments de conversation et d'idées qui parlent les multiples facettes de nos espaces créatifs collectifs et suggèrent des pistes pour leur continuité. Je vous partage ma récolte d'inspiration ici, j'espère qu'elle vous inspirera en retour:


The recent history of the Art Hives


The Recent History of Art Hives from Art Hives on Vimeo.


Dans: cranky

University of Ontario Institute of Technology student shares her experience of Oshawa art hive


Art Hives Take Manhattan!

New York! The city of food, architecture, art, straight-talking people, non-stop walking, The High Line, jazz, Broadway, the five boroughs…And a city that takes its notions of community very seriously.


Community Making: One art hive at a time ?

We now have 14 Art Hives on Discover a hive near you.

And if yours is missing, please add it to the growing list.

See all the beautiful Art Hives



La Ruche ACE 2014 video

Queens' University ACE "Artist in the Community" BEd.

Video on La Ruche d'Art, Montreal. Video by: 

Joanna Partridge Alison Gowan Shannon Brown Sally H. Yeo




Teaching and Learning in Edmonton, October 2014

Leo and I recently joined 500 other participants, mainly academics, at the 15th Annual Engagement Scholarship Consortium conference hosted by the University of Alberta at the Edmonton Shaw Conference Centre (October 6-8, 2014). We were fortunate to have a strong local team that took on the design, set-up, and facilitation of a pop-up art hive for the two-day conference.

Dans: Engaged scholarship, public conversations, University of the Streets cafe, Art Hives

Setting up a small site of community engaged art making

At our Art Hives Symposium in June, we were all asked if there was anything we would like to share from our experience of setting up small site of community engaged art making.

I thought about what I could share after years of helping Janis start community studios (aka Art Hives) in various locations across the country. Every space requires a different set of parameters but how each space is set up has a major impact on what art is made there. For example, a carpeted space will not invite messy painting to occur or a dimly lit space will not welcome small scissor cutting.


A Magical Night - Opening the Art Hive Symposium

The Art of the Art Hive Symposium



New Art Hive in Vancouver!

To Combat Weak Social Ties, a New Way to Create

An 'arts hive' with focus on therapy puts expression before instruction.


Community Cooks

The kitchen is alive and open at La Ruche, fueling creativity and community! Like many things at the art hive, this kitchen was built with an idea, a spark, an interest, and a collaborative effort of studio participants all outfitting the space with tools, ingredients, handmade cupboards and dreamt up recipes.


Atelier La Lucciola (The Firefly Workshop) by Elise Timm-Bottos

    It wasn’t expected that I would find a place like La Lucciola; it was just an uncanny coincidence, one that fell right from the sky into my lap. I was walking with a friend along Via Cavour, in downtown Palermo, Sicily, and I caught sight of the little theatre from across the street. “Let’s go there,” I said catching sight of the bright murals on the outside door. It was locked, but I rang the doorbell, and I was very happy that I did. It was my first meeting with Nadia, a bright, cheerful 30-something woman with wild curly hair.

Dans: Puppetry, Theatre, Studio, Art, Hive, Collaboration, Italy
Janis Timm-Bottos

A Vision: An Art Hive in Every Community in Canada

Introductory Remarks at the Art Hives Symposium in Montreal on June 13-15, 2014

Dans: symposium

Art Hives Symposium photos

Thanks to Kim Auclair for the beautiful photos.

Art Hives symposium photos by Kim Auclair is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Dans: symposium

Can art transform communities?

Canadian practitioners converge on Concordia to learn to build an “art hive” for every community

Dans: media

Art Hives Buzz with Activity

Take one modest storefront on a street in a working-class neighbourhood; fill it with donations of paints, fabrics and other recyclables; throw open the doors to the community to come make art. What do you get? A community art hive. Or, in French, a ruche d’art.

Dans: La Ruche d'Art

La Ruche d'Art - The Puppets Are Coming

Discover how making puppets brought the community together...

Dans: La Ruche d'Art, Video
A Portrait of La Ruche d'Art

A Portrait of The Art Hive

Video on La Ruche d'Art, Montreal Art Hive.

Dans: La Ruche d'Art, Video
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