Art Happening Bridgewater

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430 King Street, Bridgewater, NS

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430 King Street
B4V 2W8 Bridgewater , NS
Nova Scotia CA


Art Happening Bridgewater's - a buzzing hive of creativity and culture for Bridgewater, a drop in space for artists and families of all ages to socialize, meet other artists, practice and share their talents and skills; and will ripple out to other creative initiatives in the community.  The space is open to the whole community, no previous art experience is necessary. We encourage but are not limited to the exploration of visual art, music, writing, theatre, crafting of all sorts, and welcome professionals and artists-to-be.


We are all artists, and so, we are inclusive of all ages, race, gender, incomes, abilities etc

All teachers All learners
We all have skills and talents. Everyone has something to teach and something to learn. 

Sustainability and Revitalization

We are committed to revitalizing the downtown core of Bridgewater and linking to the town's work in Community Sustainability

Build Resiliency

We value building individual and community resiliency and in so doing we build a stronger and healthier community for all.

Connection to the Natural World 
We hold a responsibility for, and building our connections to, the natural world through creativity in our environment 

Funded by: 

Town of Bridgewater, United Way of Lunenburg County, Lunenburg County Community Health Board, Community Donations

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