The Eastmain Art Hive

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Vanya Hanson, founder & facilitator

PO Box 90
J0M 1W0 Eastmain , QC
Quebec CA

The Eastmain Art Hive is located in the Cree Nation of Eastmain on the east coast of the James Bay. It is a gathering space where people can share their cultural knowledge, engage in art-making activities and develop creative skills. Intergenerational learning is encouraged and serves as a way to ensure that traditional knowledge does not get lost to new generations. The Eastmain Art Hive has open studio time for all ages and abilities as well as Seasonal Workshops such as: teepee making and canvas projects, ceremonial outfit making and Tamarack Goose making. The Eastmain Art Hive provides a creative space for people who might not have access to free arts and crafts materials, or who might have a desire to learn something new.  The Art Hive is a space to connect Eastmain’s future leaders and artists in order to assist them in developing their skills, and to have opportunities and presence in the community. In the spirit of the art hive, everyone is welcome and celebrated as an artist!

Funded by: 

The Cree Nation of Eastmain

Rachel Chainey
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