Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle Art Hive / La Ruche D'Art du Club Graçons et Filles de LaSalle

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*** This art hive is not currently active ***

The Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle will be having their first pop up Art Hive on Monday November 23rd 2015 at the Boys and Girls Club in LaSalle.

                As a non-profit community center we have many different types of programs that target all ages. The programming in our center, which ranges from toddlers to seniors, encompasses a variety of activities across several disciplines which is the motivating factor for opening our very own Art Hive.

                We would like to start an Art Hive in our center to enrich the creative aspect of our community. We plan to empower the mind to be creative in all aspects without limitation. As a centre we have had success implementing art programs that are specific to events and follow the traditional school model of each student creating similar works.  Our mission then is to break this pattern and be able to give a creative space for our community to come in and allow their creativity to be unhindered by offering an unstructured space to express themselves.

 As a community center we want that creativity to be able to be given to all ages and not limited to anyone. Learning, living and expressing creativity is very important especially in a manner that allows anyone to express themselves. The opportunity to be able to offer such an experience to our members and to encourage new members of the community to participate makes this initiative of the utmost importance to our centre.

                Opening our doors to the community and having these pop up Art Hives gives us an opportunity to reach another sector of our community and also enables us to be able to join the wider network of Art Hives. We look forward to becoming part of this greater network and also being able to join everyone worldwide through our mission to express creativity.

                Once our doors are opened we plan on having a permanent place for the community.

                We will start with our pop ups and go from there but we so look forward to joining the Art Hive and being  a part of the creativity that manifest throughout.    

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