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Lundi, Avril 17, 2023 - 00:00
5800 Blvd. Cavendish
H4W 2Y5 Cote St-Luc , QC
Quebec CA

With deep gratitude for our lovely creative Cote St Luc community we humbly announce the closing of our storefront living lab at the Cavendish Mall. The community interactive portion of the engAGE Living Lab research project ended on Friday March 31, 2023.

The university team will continue working and sharing our findings which include your  wisdom and inspirations for scaling this special social infrastructure across Quebec over the next year.

Please stay in touch with us through email at, or attending our ongoing research events held at the university Concordia research on ageing.

You can also visit us at the Concordia University Art Hives, on Mondays and Fridays at our Loyola Campus or Tuesdays and Thursdays at our downtown (SGW) campus.

Other ways to stay in touch with us.

Visit the engAGE Living Lab Creatif website, follow our Facebook page Engage Living Lab Créatif or join the engAGE Living Lab Créatif facebook community group.


Creative engAGE Living Lab (eLL) Art Hives are inclusive gatherings that welcome everyone as an artist. 

We meet as an online community for spontaneous art-making to create, inspire, discover, and share with each other.

The ELL Art Hives are primarily led by two facilitators, including one art therapist or art therapy student on each team.

Art Hives are a proven way of building community and a sense of belonging through making art. We celebrate the diverse inclusion of strengths and creative capacities of individuals and communities through non-directed art-making. We explore accessible ways of creating art using found materials and recycled objects around the home and in nature.

Participants are given the opportunity to take action as leaders in initiating community-driven projects, skill shares, and directions of the art hive.

All are welcome to participate regardless of previous experience with art.



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The Creative engAGE Living Lab (ELL) is a Concordia University research project funded by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Volet Santé.

This project ran from January 2020 until March 2023.

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