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We are a group of therapists interested in making art more accessible to everyone, especially those who may not see themselves as artists. We understand the inherent healing potential that happens in the process of creating art, particularly in community with others, and so we designed our space with that deep healing potential in mind.  We believe that creating something is good for the soul’s well being, just as physical exercise is good for the body.  Art making brings us back to our senses; it makes us feel connected to our deeper longings; it heals us.  Making art in community creates the opportunity for people to share in ways that automatically and deeply builds connection. So, art has the potential to heal us both interpersonally and transpersonally.

The business model of the BATC is inspired and founded on the principles of a “Collective,” where all members of the collective are considered equally. The members, and in this case the staff, all share equally in the responsibilities in the creation and development of the business. Unlike most business models where there is a hierarchy with top down decision-making, the collective model is an egalitarian model relying on the expertise of all the members to make decisions. The staff at BATC share and work toward a common goal – to build awareness around the healing power of art therapy, and to bring art therapy services to persons and communities in need.  To learn more about the art therapists go to

Our mission:

Grounded in the principles of Collective Wisdom, where the vision to live and function in the world in harmony and interconnectedness with all beings, the Boulder Art Therapy Collective aims to provide an environment that inspires people to freely share and make art together in community through a variety of art-based workshops, open studios and clinical trainings.  Group and Individual art therapy services and counseling are offered on a sliding scale to serve a variety of community members.

BATC offers a variety of workshops, trainings, open studios and individual and group art therapy designed for anyone seeking to get closer to their own creativity. With five competent and trained art therapists on staff at the Collective we are able to offer to the community a full range of art therapy services and at affordable costs.


Inclusiveness: Valuing & Leveraging Diversity

According to the United Way, the term ‘inclusion’ is defined as “a strategy to leverage diversity.” Diversity refers to the quality of being different or unique on the individual or group level. At the Boulder Art Therapy Collective, we take the broadest possible view of diversity, recognizing that differences exist beyond the physical and include the background, realities, worldviews, experiences and skills that make each person unique. We believe in affirming the essence of all individuals and are committed to actively promoting a community that engages diverse talents and partners resulting in innovation, strength, and enrichment.

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the Collective’s values.

While diversity inherently exists in any social system, inclusiveness must be worked for and created. We at the Boulder Art Therapy Collective are committed to building an inclusive community that values the dignity and contributions of all of our members, regardless of age, color, culture, disability, ethnic group, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, or socioeconomic status. All members of our community have the right to a safe and respectful learning environment.  Toward this goal, in this space we will be actively engaged in exploring our own role in eliminating biases, prejudices, and processes of intentional and unintentional oppression and discrimination through dialogue, creative processes, and community outreach and connection. This learning process entails actively questioning, both individually and collectively, how our own personal identity impacts our values, beliefs, and behavior about human growth and development.

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