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98 16th Ave SW
52404 Cedar Rapids , IA
Iowa US

" It's not what you have...It's what you make of it' The Create/Exchange is … Filled with the supplies you need and want. Our inventory is based on what crafters are looking for to complete popular craft and upcycle projects. Supplies are curated and organized to give you a fun shopping experience with a treasure hunt kind of feel. Pricing is pay-as-you-wish and we offer in-store credit for many of the items on our wish list. Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials, useless, or unused items into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. Why let project supplies sit on your shelf and take up space? Don’t buy a whole package of something when you only need one… At the Create/Exchange we help makers get the supplies you need without wasting money on things you don't need. All items are sold in the quantity you need. For example, You want one picture from a calendar. Instead of paying for a whole calendar, at the Create/Exchange, you can get just the one picture you like. Do you need a few pipe cleaners? Don’t buy a hundred. We will let you choose how many you need. Our inventory is driven by the community of local artist and crafters, upcyclerss, and everyone who hates to see unused items going to waste. You don’t have to have a hoard of unused tools and supplies. Check out our Wish-List to get an idea of the kind of store we are. Choose what you need and drop-off the things you don’t. That way everybody can have the chance to create beautiful and useful things. ome join us, share your ideas and learn something new. You don't need alot of experience to enjoy one of our groups. Our groups meet twice a month and are free to attend. A small donation helps keep the lights and heat on, but it's entirely up to you, no pressure! Come once in awhile or every time, we are always happy to see you. Groups are designed for adults, so please leave the kids at home. Groups include: Loom Knitting Scrapebooking/Card Making Knit/Crochet Classes are offered during the day and evening and are developed for ages kids to adults. Most of the time all materials are included and you will leave with a completed project in hand. Classes cover a variety of crafting techniques including popular Pinterest projects. Check our Schedule of Events for the most current classes and group meetings

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