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Phone: (509) 371-9267

285 Williams Blvd
99352 Richland , WA
Washington US

Confluent provides a place where innovation and ideas are encouraged, and collaboration is a holler away. The goal of Confluent Space is to facilitate the education and growth of artists, inventors, technologists, and hobbyists by providing the space, tools, safety and education to enable the creation of art, technology, business, culture, and community.

Confluent currently hosts a fully outfitted woodworking shop, metal-smithing shop, electronics lab, art studio, pottery studio, classrooms, and a gallery curated by Drew Boy Creative! Let’s get messy!

"Under the blazing sun by the blue rivers, we find the fun in failure, relish in our accomplishments, and enjoy the courage in collaboration. We are inventors and artists; tech-makers and teachers. We are the loud and learning; the visionary and valuable. We are the creators at Confluent."

Core Values
1) Make it awesome, for everybody.
2) Embrace the visionary by enabling the cycle, Imagine-Make-Learn
3) Empower the community by striving towards complete accessibility and sustainability
4) Default to transparency, consensus, and inclusivity
5) Be humble and have as much fun as possible

Life’s short. We’re all in this together. Let’s increase the quality of life for those around us and have some fun along the way. Good things lie ahead.

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We are a federally recogonized 501(c)3 non-profit. We run off community donations, memberships, and class fees. 

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