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Marc Langlois

Dorit Osher

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The Art Space:
A collaborative movement arts studio that convenes classes, events and workshops for intergenerational participants in contemporary dance, and movement for fitness, expression and community gathering. The Studio serves as an incubator where creative ideas are manifest into action through collaborations with experts in the field of movement arts and to people who love to move and create. Training, creation, expressive arts, and performance are avenues to recognize that movement arts is an essential resource to gather people so we can share ideas, our humanity and passions.

Incubating Community Engagement:
MidTown will help stimulate great ideas and actions for the neighbourhood. With MidTown attracting customers of different cultures and age groups the opportunity for creative collaborations is great.
MidTown will listen carefully for enterprising ideas, and host, convene and facilitate conversations to explore and develop good ideas into reality. MidTown especially recognizes the value of partnerships between youth and adults to inspire dreams, build hope, and accelerate connections.

MidTown Cafe:
We believe food is integral to community gathering.
MidTown will house an innovative community café which will host various food events, and be used as a community kitchen and teaching site.
Our food will reflect the diversity of cultures in our neighbourhood, bringing foods from around the world to our neighbourhood. The café will utilize locally sourced and organic food with a focus on quality, affordability and creative presentation.
The MidTown Café will be a place for people to gather to dine, cook and learn together.

Funded by: 

We are volunteer-led at this stage.
We are committed to establishing a sustainable social enterprise model to sustain the MidTown space and operations.
Academy 12, a registered charitable organization established for the purpose of catalyzing and providing ongoing backbone support to community spaces of this nature, is providing a small amount of operational financial and in-kind support.


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