la cabane atelier

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In person
Quebec CA
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On appointment or during events


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15 Pleasant Street Sutton,

Quebec (Canada)

J0E 2K0



Driven by the need to have a studio where to work and after a couple of years of labour and love, the former chicken coop in the heart of the village of Sutton has been renovated and converted into a modest but friendly and transformable workshop. The goal: motivated by our passion for design and crafts, we are hoping to combine traditional methods around textile and fiber and other techniques with modern design. First inspired by the concept of creative economy and community, and then supported by other enthusiasts who share the same vision and desire to learn, la cabane is also a place where we foster opportunities to collaborate, share, stimulate ideas and projects. Since it opening in 2012, la cabane atelier has become a resource for the community in everything creative.

Using the space collectively to:

Offer a workshop or creative event

Attend a workshop or creative event

Use the space for personal projects (some equipment available)

Use the space for collaborative projects

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