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La Colmena Art Hive is an emerging art centre project in Winnipeg where art becomes a vehicle of expression for everyone, recognizing that art is a human activity (not only the domain of professional artists). ​La Colmena is looking for a space, ideally a two storey building with community garden and kitchen with walls where a gallery can run. 


La Colmena includes seniors, youth, children and people of all races and creeds as well as people with disabilities accessing community grass root creative knowledge. 


By including students at the University of Winnipeg and Fine Arts graduates from the University of Manitoba  La Colmena offers students the chance to “get their feet wet” in the community running internships and teaching opportunities to use art as a vehicle, regardless of their professional training. 


As a professional artist hub, La Colmena trains art students in their career as professional artists and teachers and offers art programming to art enthusiasts showcasing and selling their art in an artist non-for-profit art gallery.


Finally, La Colmena is a centre for art for activism and social/ecological justice awareness where art is the vehicle for intergenerational creativity within the principles of sustainability.

Rachel Chainey
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