Journey to Quebec: The Courage to Discover New Aspects of Ourselves. A social action photography project for a community of student mothers that have immigrated to Canada


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Andrea Cook is student pursuing her MA in Art Therapy from Concordia University. She holds a BA in Psychology and worked as a professional photographer before pursuing a career in Art Therapy. Her professional, personal and academic history have resulted in a genuine love of research and social justice that inspires a deep desire to strengthen Art therapy as a profession through collaborative projects.

Impact of Project : 

The project involved a group of mothers that explored their journey immigrating to Canada through photographs of daily life. The images stimulated discussion and the group identified issues relevant to their process of arriving in Canada and to share with future generations of immigrants and their children. A series of meetings were held over six months followed by a photography exposition. Photos were organized into four collective themes that represented challenges and accomplishments unique to their journey. The group provided positive feedback and said that the project illuminated a deep understanding of their multiple identities and how they have influenced an open-mindedness and freedom that they would not have otherwise.

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