EVALUATION REPORT - Art Hives: Appreciating the Continuum through a Collective Visioning Inquiry

In August of 2020, facilitators from the global Art Hives Network were invited to engage in a 4-part workshop series during which we paused to reflect on the current functioning of the network and envision how to move forward towards greater impact and resiliency. Another purpose that brought this group together was to increase the network's capacity to evaluate its impact and build capacity across individual Art Hives to do the same.

This report is a summary of the four workshops led by Tejaswinee Jhunjhunwala, MA student in Human Systems Intervention at Concordia University, and co-designed with the Art Hives HQ team. It reflects the various stories, perspectives, opinions and strategies surfaced by participants in each of the sessions. Participants' thoughts were grouped by overarching themes for better readability and meaning-making. A natural next step would be for the Art Hive Headquarters and facillitators to use the data gathered here to prioritize action plans and move towards concrete next step

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