Experiencing wellbeing at La Ruche d'Art: Methods and materials of an art hive

Timm-Bottos, J.


Involvement in the creative arts has a sustained and positive impact on mental and social wellbeing. Adding a third space for arts-based social inclusion, community engagement, and service learning for university students, provides a powerful vehicle for civic exchange across diverse demographics. Over time, a community art studio, aka Art Hive, provides a platform for participatory practice research leading to social innovation. This workshop recreated in part, La Ruche d'Art (The Art Hive), a university storefront classroom and a public home place for residents in a low wealth neighbourhood in Montreal. A public home place is a protected safe space, both psychologically and physically, which invites community members to share their skills and develop their unique voices. The workshop introduced theories, methods, and materials used in the Art Hive. Attendees assembled small visual journals based on creative reuse principles while sharing stories related to the relevance and scope of these special third spaces. Concordia University‘s Art Hive launched in 2011 hosts a network of 100 Art Hives across North America and Europe. This workshop encouraged participants to consider developing an Art Hive in their workplace or community.

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Timm-Bottos, J. (2017). Experiencing wellbeing at La Ruche d'Art: Methods and materials of an art hive. En Creative practices for improving health and social inclusion. 5th International Health Humanities Conference, Sevilla 2016 (73-82), Sevilla: Universidad de Sevilla, Vicerrectorado de Investigación.

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