Constructing Creative Community. Reviving Health and Justice Through Community Arts

Timm-Bottos, J.


When public spaces gentrify, become exclusive, or overly consumer driven, citizens naturally become interested in having more input into the construction of creative places that will nurture their own (and their children's) well being. Art therapists, artists, educators, students, and ironically, people experiencing homelessness, are in a unique position to respond to this need for safe public space, which assists all of us in reclaiming our collective power to create the world, we want to live in. This article explores the importance of collaboratively constructing small and sustainable “public home places,” promoting creative thought, dialogue and community art making.

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Timm-Bottos, J. (2006) Constructing Creative Community, Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal, 19:2, 12-26, DOI: 10.1080/08322473.2006.11432285

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