Janis in Vancouver

We were so lucky to welcome Janis to the West Coast this past week. We shared food, ideas, stories, and gained lots of valuable insight and support from someone who has been a huge inspiration to our work. Reflecting on that visit, and the impact it's had on so many people in our community, we wanted to offer some photos and share what's happening in our Vancouver Art Hives community. The Magpies were happy to meet with Janis and introduce her to our new board members, show her our new space, and attend talks at Groundswell Economics Alternatives and Adler University. In those varied settings, we were struck by the realization that regardeless of training/professional background, people want to connect with one another. Having Janis visit, at this point where we're opening our own art hive (!!!) was very important in opening up our project to the greater community. We've connected with so many amazing folks in our local area but can really use the support and sharing that comes with opening up to the rest of the hives and professionals looking for connection with others in their field. This network is an important part of bringing our community together and contextulizing the work we do.

All this to say that we were so happy to chat with Janis, open up to new partnerships, new ideas, and to re-imagine what we know and put it into practice. Just do things! But balance!

We're excited to welcome all Vancouverites and visitors to our space, (located within Another Space, a studio for arts and wellness) at 1523 E Pender. More program and schedule details to follow!

Photo of Janis and Magpie Sarah in front of our space to come...



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