La Ruche d'Art du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal dans le Journal "Le Bel Âge" / The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' Art Hive in "Le Bel Âge" newspaper

Coming to the museum is good for body, mind and soul, says enthusiastically Thomas Bastien, Director of Education and Cultural Action at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The new Michel de la Chenelière International studio for Art Therapy and Art Education, the largest educational complex in a museum in North America, intends to prove this. Starting in January, it will house the Art Hive, a free space open to all for non-directed or semi-directed art making. A first in a museum, this user-friendly space was conceived in collaboration with Concordia University and offers art therapy studios, both open and closed. Interested participants drop-in and are welcomed by the art therapist, who will indicate what activity would be most suited to their needs. Or, the participant chooses upon arriving their preferred materials to work with, with the assistance of the art therapist. The Art Hive is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. This spaces intends to create a spirit of community, break isolation and marginalization. "Seniors are invited to participate, alone or in groups, there are no separation of people based on age. The main goal of the space is to bring well-being to people. Art Therapy is a means for each person to find their joy, their well-being, in their own way", says Mr. Bastien.

In the Jean-Noel Desmarais Pavilion, Promenade level, 1380 Sherbrooke W, 514-285-2000. Check for the Museum Art Hive's schedule. 

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