Bangor Bee Creative Art Hive

  • 'Bee Creative' is an art venture with community in mind, It is a project established to address a need for accessible art workshops for children that reflect the need for children to play and explore, get messy, get expressive and create something new! Creative curiosity should be carried throughout life; little and large, as we begin a new job or friendship or even attempt making a new recipe-to try something we haven't before-to 'Bee Creative'. 

    'Bee Creative' offers a range of art workshops:


    Edible Printmaking

    Paint and Wear

    Beach-Combing Sculpture 

    Play with Clay 

    Storybook Art  

    Art 'Beet'

    Children+Paint='Action Painting' 




    Make-up Mania


    Print and Wear

    Jewellery making

    Birdhouse Bonanza 

    Play with Clay

    Swooon- Artist's we love 

    Drawing to the Moon and Back  

    Paper Making


    Big Draw




    'Art as Therapy'

    Printmaking Masterclass: Mono-printing (with Chine Colle)

    Printmaking Masterclass: Dry-point printmaking 

    Printmkaing Masterclass: Collograph printmaking

    Watercolour painting 

    Paper Making

    Swooon- Artist's we love 

    Big Draw


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