• Become Inspired by our Exhibitions

    With the McClure Gallery Art Hive, we offer a pop-up art hive directly in the gallery, generally on the last Saturday of each exhibition (except December), hosted by the exhibiting artist or an instructor from the Visual Arts Centre's School of Art. Using the materials provided, participants are encouraged to make art inspired by the artworks in the gallery space.

  • Making community and promoting well-being through the arts.

  • Natural Essential Life Art Hive is a relatively new project in the Natural Essential Hives grouping. We hold occasion online art hives and seasonal outdoor pop-up art hives. The community at large is welcome to take part in a real life art experience. We coach people that have no art experience to experiment with different media and explore their expressive artistic selves. We promote re-use, reduce, recycling of materials and encourage a zero-waste philosophy.

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